What is the Tour de Brew?

Tour de Brew events bring together the beer and cycling communities to support local bicycle charities and provide clean water access to people in Central Africa.

What better way to help build your cycling community, and solve a world crisis than spending a day with friends exploring new breweries and joining one of the bike rides?

Sign me up!

Signing up for the Tour de Brew is easy! Just pick a specific Tour de Brew city from the menu, create your own fundraising page, then share the link with your friends and family! The more money you raise, the higher level milestones you'll reach! Don't want to raise money? No problem! You can just donate to your own campaign to register. Base registration level starts at just $35!

Questions about registration? Contact info@tourdebrew.org

The Cause

We partner with local bike charities in each Tour de Brew city. All proceeds raised through the Tour de Brew support Water for Good, a non-profit providing clean water to the people of Central Africa.

Bicycle Advocacy

Each of our local bike charity partners engages in their community in a unique way. Examples of their great work include: promoting bike commuting, operating bike cooperatives, creating educational programs, providing bike event support services, and advocating for bike paths and cycling safety.

Clean Water

Did you know that the lack of clean water and sanitation kills more people than all forms of violence combined (war included)? A new well in a village in Africa drastically improves the economic opportunities of that village... on average it saves over 100 hours of labor EVERY DAY. Find out more at Water for Good's website and help us #endthewalk for unsanitary water.